Mediation and Arbitration

Tiffin Hall - Attorney at Law

Mediation in Montana is a process by which an impartial third party helps disputing parties work out a mutually acceptable solution to their disagreement. The mediator meets with both parties and allows each disputant the opportunity to present their issues. The mediator then assists the parties in working through their issues to find a reasonable settlement for their dispute. The mediator does not offer legal advice, but can offer their opinion regarding settlement solutions. A mediator can also bring new perspectives to the proceeding through their own knowledge of the subject matter. A mediator can assist parties in exploring alternatives that they might not have otherwise considered. However, the mediator does not have the authority to make a binding decision in the mediation process. Mediation is voluntary and confidential and can be considerably less expensive than going to trial. I usually recommend mediation to all my clients and have experience mediating numerous types of civil cases.

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