Power of Attorney

News and Resources | March, 17, 2013 | by 0 Comments

There are Montanans who, because of their circumstances, could benefit from having a Power of Attorney (POA). A POA is a document in which one person gives another person the power to conduct certain actions on his or her behalf. Examples of situations in which a written POA could be useful include:

  • A single woman whose mother has Alzheimer’s disease realizes she would need someone to make financial decisions if she develops the same condition.
  • An adult with a cognitive or psychiatric disability who lives and works independently, but needs assistance with financial decisions.
  • An elderly grandmother with macular degeneration wants her daughter to identify bills received in the mail and write checks for them because she can no longer see.
  • A wife and husband who want to give each other authority to manage finances should either one should become incapacitated.

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