Tiffin Hall - Attorney at Law

James Tiffin Hall

Tiffin was raised in Altoona, Iowa and earned his Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Environmental Studies from Iowa State University in 1982.  Tiffin moved west and graduated from the University of Montana School of Law in Missoula in 1990.

After Law School Tiffin practiced law for two years with his Father, Robert D. Hall in Des Moines, Iowa in a firm started by his Grandfather in 1923.

Tiffin moved back to Montana and practiced with firms in Great Falls and Missoula before moving to Eureka to join his wife Sandi in February of 2007. Tiffin is active in the Eureka community and serves on the board of directors for Recycle Eureka and for North Lincoln County Can Do (a non-profit underage substance abuse prevention coalition).



Tiffin's Grandfather, James W. Hall, was admitted to the Iowa Bar in 1923.  His Father, Robert D. Hall, was admitted to the Iowa Bar in 1965.

The picture in Tiffin's office is of his Grandfather and Father when his Dad graduated from Drake Law School.  Tiffin's sister, Rebecca, is also an attorney in Phoenix, AZ.

Tiffin Hall - Attorney at Law